Jazz Money behind camera


Date 1 September 2022
Location BFI Southbank, London


A film by Jazz Money, Australia, 2022
Commissioned by the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia (NFSA)

WINHANGANHA is a feature length cinematic journey that explores the archive held within the body of individuals and communities against the body of archives held in the NFSA collection. Drawing on Jazz’s practice as a poet, WINHANGANHA is framed around an original poem that weaves together the complexities of archives and decolonising the gaze held within them. Structured in five chapters, the film uses digital audiovisual content from the NFSA’s extensive collection to interrogate the compulsion both to document and be documented.

WINHANGANHA is a Wiradjuri word that loosely translates to ‘remember know, think’, and invites the audience on a journey through the archive to experience the legacy of First Nations Australians as storied bodies and bodies with story. Commissioned by the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia to premiere in partnership with the BFI as part of the UK/Australia Season 2021-22.

About Jazz Money

Jazz Money is an award-winning poet of Wiradjuri heritage, a fresh-water woman currently based on beautiful sovereign Gadigal land. Her practice is centred around the written word while producing works that encompass installation, digital, film and print. Jazz’s writing has been widely performed and published nationally and internationally.

Trained as a filmmaker and educator, Jazz specialises in storytelling, community collaboration and digital production, working with First Nations artists and communities to realise digital projects.
Jazz’s David Unaipon Award-winning debut collection how to make a basket is now available through University of Queensland Press.

About the Partner

  • The NFSA’s mission is to collect, preserve and share Australia’s vibrant and diverse audiovisual culture as embodied by our evolving collection – reflecting who we were, who we are, and who we want to be.

    Audiovisual technologies enable us to capture moments in time: moving image and sounds in their most vivid forms. At over 3 million items, the NFSA collection transforms these records into ‘living memories’ – the many facets of Australia’s peoples, cultures, ideas and beliefs, both over time and across the land.

    The collection invites all Australians to connect, no matter their background and life experiences, and find common ground and a shared sense of community. All can access it to celebrate our cultures and learn from our history to build a better future.

  • Image Credits
    Jean-Pierre Chabrol