Illustration showing the map of Melbourne with the words Reimagine the World in capital letters in black against an orange background

Reimagine the World by Playable City Melbourne

Date 07.10.2021
Location Online


Featuring a diverse collective of urban planners, artist gamemakers, creative technologists, public artists and digital designers, we talk about how we’ve been reimagining the world through the lens of urban play during lockdown.

Join us for a free livestream event that will showcase a range of urban play activities that are planned for Melbourne post-lockdown.

As the city reopens, Melbourne will become a playable city connecting music, games and fashion with public space.

This event will showcase experiences such as playful parklets, musical plants, nomadic urban play agents, pop-up street games and a three-hour augmented reality journey. It’s a chance to hear from the people behind the work, to inspire your own urban play projects and to get people ready to play in public space again!

Reimagine the World is presented and hosted by Playable City Melbourne, developed by the RMIT Future Play Lab and supported by the British Council.

About the artist

Dr Troy Innocent:

Curator Dr Innocent is an urban play scholar, artist gamemaker and VC Senior Research Fellow at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. His work connects digital media poetics, creative code, visual language, mixed realities and playable cities. Innocent develops augmented reality games that blend physical objects with digital interfaces to reimagine everyday urban environments in playful ways; situating his work in Melbourne, Bristol, Barcelona, Istanbul, Ogaki, Sydney, Singapore and Hong Kong. Working with the city as a material, his practice explores ways of being that reimagine, reconfigure and reconnect with the world.


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