Songlines - Tracking the Seven Sisters exhibition launch


Menzies Australia Institute Public Engagement Programme : Songlines Conversation

Date 01.11.2021
Location The Box, Plymouth

Renowned Indigenous curator, Margo Neale, tells the fascinating story behind the exhibition, Songlines: Tracking the Seven Sisters.


Indigenous curator Margo Neale is the force behind the magnificent exhibition, Songlines: Tracking the Seven Sisters. In this onstage interview, convened by the directors of the Menzies Australia Institute at King’s College London, Margo explains the fascinating story of how the exhibition came to be. In recalling the desert trips that put Margo and her colleagues in touch with artists and elders in the Australian deserts, she will explain the transformation of her own understanding of the complex concept of Songlines, which involves the transmission of song, guided by the constellations.

About the artist

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