Dance and Health Digital Exchange

Date 09.02.2022
Time 8:00pm (AEDT)
Location Online
Date: 09.02.2022 Time: 8:00pm (AEDT)


This online event brings together experts working across dance, health and community settings, to discuss the variety of ways that dance improves individual and collective wellbeing.

Co-hosted by Move Dance Feel (UK) and Ausdance QLD (AUS), it is a curated programme of presentations that aim to generate rigorous conversations about dance and health influenced by global perspectives.

The event will also focus on the benefits of dance in cancer care, and how it can help participants to manage the wide ranging physical, mental and social health challenges associated with cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Importantly, the event will allow time for questions and input from attendees, and highlight the strength of interdisciplinary collaboration between the dance and the health sectors.

About the artist

Move Dance Feel is an award winning company dedicated to promoting the health benefits of dance for women living with and beyond cancer, including those caring for someone with cancer or bereaved by cancer. Established in 2016, their mission is to make community dance a mainstream activity offered in cancer care services worldwide.

The company works in partnership with leading cancer support centres across the UK, providing evidence based dance sessions and courses (in person and online). They also offer professional development opportunities in order to share their dance methodology, and designed the UK’s first Dance in Cancer Care interdisciplinary training programme, bringing together those working in both the dance and the health sectors.

Ausdance Queensland was established in 1978 and provides professional advocacy and industry development for Queensland dance through strong local, regional, national and international networks. They work to bring recognition to the many roles that dance plays in the cultural life of Queensland and to maximise opportunities for practitioners.

Ausdance QLD champions excellence, sustainability, innovation, creativity and diversity in dance by providing services, training and resources to dancers, artists, teachers, students, organisations and audiences to build the long-term capacity of the dance sector across Queensland.

Image by Camilla Greenwell

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