Date 29 October 2022
Location Salisbury Cathedral, Salisbury

Presented in the Salisbury Cathedral, a place redolent of power, CONGRESS is a citizens’ assembly; a series of first speeches from voices often unheard; personal visions for our collective future.

Taking the form of a ritualised performance, intersected with community and cultural dance, CONGRESS unashamedly encourages citizens to agitate for change and transformation.


Congress is a citizens’ assembly; a series of first speeches from voices often unheard; personal visions for our collective future.

Congress connects the personal with the political, intentionally working against stereotypical representations of the ‘other’ by providing a platform for direct address to the public. It puts faces and names and stories to ‘difference’, subverting dominant narratives of what it means to be living in contemporary society and our inter-connected world.

Congress transforms community members into Citizen Speakers, matching them with professional Wordsmiths. Together they will create a series of first political speeches, presented just once, in a place redolent of power. These speeches are interspersed with movement, creating a powerful and urgent portrait  encouraging citizens to agitate for change and transformation.

Created by All The Queens Men (one of Australia’s leading independent, community-focused arts organisations), CONGRESS will make its international debut in the magnificent Salisbury Cathedral presented by Wiltshire Creative.

About All The Queens Men

All The Queens Men is a leading independent Australian arts organisation that creates contemporary performance in collaboration with communities of all shapes, sizes, and identities. Led by Tristan Meecham and Bec Reid, the Company values radical optimism, pride, activism, generosity and respect.

A champion of ‘difference’, the Company promotes and facilitates creative participation to help communities celebrate their unique identities. All The Queens Men has built meaningful relationships throughout the health, arts, equality and community sectors to create a dynamic body of work that is presented locally, nationally and internationally.

‘These creatives are part genius, part theatricality, and part social warriors – using love, creativity and acceptance to transform what it is to be human, and along the way people change in front of your eyes – they are bolder and braver and standing in the light.’ Alison Duncan City of Melbourne.


  • Project credits:

    Created by: All The Queens Men, Tristan Meecham and Bec Reid

    Sound Design: Nick Roux

    Lighting and Set Design: Bosco Shaw

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