Two people sit side by side. The male on the left is laughing and the woman to his right is smiling and looking at him

INTERSECT participants Mikala Tai and Abdul Shayek © Anna Hay, British Council


Colour Cycle Podcast

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This new season of Diversity Arts Australia’s podcast, The Colour Cycle spotlights inspiring, critical and sometimes playful conversations with creative leaders and changemakers in Australia and the UK.

Hosted by Diversity Arts’ Lena Nahlous, these episodes explore how international knowledge-exchange between Australia and the UK influences creatives, bringing fresh perspectives on their practice and helping them interrogate systemic barriers in their respective industries.

By exploring cultural connections, joint inspirations, contrasting approaches and shared lived experience, our guests show how new ways of working emerge through learning from one another. The conversations spotlight the innovative new works and vigorous approaches to racial equity that have emerged as a result of this interaction.

About the artist

Diversity Arts Australia (DARTS) is Australia’s national voice for ethno-cultural and migrant racial equity in the arts, cultural and creative industries.

Our work is underpinned by a human-rights ethic, social justice principles, and the belief that a truly diverse spectrum of creative expression and participation is vital to a democratic, inclusive and sustainable creative sector.

While our focus is on migrant, refugee, POC and culturally diverse creatives, we recognise that ethno-cultural diversity cannot be viewed in isolation to other systemic barriers, and work intersectionally and in partnership with other marginalised and underrepresented communities.

Our work is primarily focused on advocacy, research, building strategic partnerships, producing projects and local and international knowledge-exchange. We recently launched the Creative Equity Toolkit in partnership with British Council Australia to share leading practice in cultural and racial equity.