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Climbing out of COVID with children and families

Date 10.11.2021
Time 9:00am (GMT), 7:00pm (AEST), 8:00pm (AEDT)
Location Virtual
Date: 10.11.2021 Time: 9:00am (GMT)
Date: 10.11.2021 Time: 7:00pm (AEST)
Date: 10.11.2021 Time: 8:00pm (AEDT)


This programme of events will launch the new collaboration between the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Centre for Child and Family Studies, and the University of Portsmouth (UOP), School of Education and Sociology.

You are invited to join “Climbing out of COVID with children and families” by registering above.

The program will address the shared Australia-UK priority to support young children and their families to thrive in a post COVID world. These are synchronous online engagement events in which a multi-disciplinary panel of researchers, advocates, policy makers, and service providers will respond to the questions ‘where are we now and where are we going’ in relation to the panel topic. Conversation, thinking and learning will be enriched as participants engage with multiple disciplines and share knowledge of the different country contexts.

The research project will take place throughout the Season with two public events

10 November 2021: Climbing out of COVID with children and families.

23 February 2022: Diversity, inclusion, and equity in early education and parenting support.

The start times of both events are scheduled as:

09:00 am in the UK

07:00 pm in Brisbane

08:00 pm in Sydney



  • Portrait photo woman, black bob hair tucked behind ears and red jacket. Looking to camera

    Dr Melinda Miller, Director of Early Learning, First Five, and formally G8

    Dr Melinda Miller is an early childhood teacher, researcher and consultant who has worked with early childhood education providers, government and higher education. Melinda has worked for Australia’s largest for-profit early childhood education and care provider where she was responsible for fostering the capability of educators and teachers across a large network of services (470+) to implement high-quality pedagogy and practice.

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    Research: Dr Elizabeth Westrupp, lead of Deakin covid families study

    Dr Westrupp is a clinical psychologist, who has focused her research efforts on understanding the biological, social and environmental factors that influence children’s long-term developmental outcomes. She has expertise in clinical and population-level longitudinal research and cohort studies, and randomised control trials. Dr Westrupp’s research focus is on child development and parenting and she is currently leading the Deakin COVID families study.

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    Policy: Anne Hollonds, Australian National Children’s Commissioner

    Anne Hollonds is Australia’s National Children’s Commissioner. Formerly Director of the Australian Institute of Family Studies, for 23 years Anne was Chief Executive of government and non-government organisations focussed on research, policy and practice in child and family wellbeing. As a psychologist Anne has also worked extensively in frontline practice across a range of sectors.