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Biotechnological Knowledge Transfer in a Pandemic-affected World (BioKnoT)

Date 01.09.2021 - 31.10.2021
Location Aston University (UK) Monash University (Australia) University of Danang (Vietnam)


One of three research funded projects for the UK/ Australia Season that focuses on key climate challenges facing ODA countries.

Agricultural waste in Vietnam is often burnt. This leads to emission of greenhouse gases and air pollution, with associated detrimental effects on health. In this project, we will investigate alternative routes to process this waste into valuable products, benefitting the environment, health and the economy.

This project is a collaboration between researchers in the UK, Australia and Vietnam.

Overall, we will use the context of our new biotechnological process to framework our communication activities.  This will inform our fellow scientists and the public in all three countries to increase awareness of sustainable alternatives to burning agricultural waste.