Truth to Power Café

Touring / Adelaide Festival Centre / Blacktown Arts / Bunjil Place Ageing Positively Festival and Melbourne Fringe Arts Festival

Participants speak passionately from the truth of their lived experience, in response to the question: ‘Who has power over you and what do you want to say to them?’

The Hull Vigil

City of Hull, UK - on the roof of the Hull College

THE HULL VIGIL, a performance by WLDN/Joanne Leighton. With the Freedom Festival Arts Trust, Hull, UK. Every day for a year, at sunrise and sunset, a vigil will keep watch for one hour over the city of Hull from a bespoke Shelter.

An image of a fossil head of a sabre tooth cat against a beige background

Treasures of the Natural World

Melbourne Museum, 11 Nicholson St, Carlton VIC 3053

The Biggest, Oldest and Rarest Objects only at Melbourne Museum, all the way from London, for the whole family to enjoy.

Living Memory National Photographic Portrait Prize

National Portrait Gallery

The National Photographic Portrait Prize has always drawn forth a candid, instructive expression of Australia. It’s a perennial Portrait Gallery and audience favourite for a reason.

Pilgrimage to Imago (Journey to a Primordial Mother/Self/Fly)

The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, London

Pilgrimage to Imago (Journey to a Primordial Mother/Self/Fly)

Fly – A Primordial Mother

Two people sit side by side. The male on the left is laughing and the woman to his right is smiling and looking at him

Colour Cycle Podcast


This new season of Diversity Arts Australia’s podcast, The Colour Cycle spotlights inspiring, critical and sometimes playful conversations with creative leaders and changemakers in Australia and the UK.

Selector Radio

Selecting the best UK music every week and sharing it with the world with brand new presenter Sian Eleri.

Linda McCartney: Retrospective

Ballarat International Foto Biennale, Art Gallery of Ballarat, 40 Lydiard St, North 
Ballarat Central

The 2021 Ballarat International Foto Biennale presents an exclusive look back at the career of the world-famous photographer Linda McCartney (1941-1998).


Ballarat International Foto Biennale, 4 Lydiard Street South

The Ballarat International Foto Biennale is thrilled to present the world premiere of Styx in conjunction with Photoworks (UK).
French artist Alix Marie delves further into her interest in water deities, and the intersection between the body, its representation, and an expansive idea of photography.

Copyright Betty Kawonga

Enhancing smallholder dairy feeding systems to improve productivity and mitigate climate change impacts in Malawi

University of Bristol, University of Western Australia, Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources

One of three research funded projects for the UK/ Australia Season that focuses on key climate challenges facing ODA countries.


Elizabeth Fullerton and Jillian Knipe will discuss the artistic practices of their guests in the usual way – through the prism of their selected piece of fiction- though, for Culture Exchange, there’ll be a particular tilt to cultural identity.

Copyright: Shutterstock

Biotechnological Knowledge Transfer in a Pandemic-affected World (BioKnoT)

Aston University (UK) Monash University (Australia) University of Danang (Vietnam)

This research project investigates alternative routes to process waste into valuable products, benefitting the environment, health and the economy. A collaboration between UK, Australia and Vietnam.

This project is a collaboration between researchers in the UK, Australia and Vietnam.

Photo taken by Philip-Neri Jayson-Quashigah

Managing Climate Change Adaptation at the Coast through More than Maps

University of Southampton (UK), The University of Western Australia, University of Sydney (Australia), University of Ghana, (Ghana) Mona Geo Informatics Institute (Jamaica))

Ancestors, artefacts, empire: Indigenous Australia in British and Irish museums

Book publication

A landmark publication from British Museum Press. Using extraordinary Indigenous Australian art and artefacts preserved in museums across Great Britain and Ireland, the authors present a global history that entwines ancestral pasts with epochs of empire and colony leading to the contemporary moment.

Orchestral Connections


How will orchestras remain relevant and thrive in the future? The Association of British Orchestras and Symphony Services Australia present a special online orchestral symposium.

Ben Quilty “Free Fall” and Patricia Piccinini “Kindred”

Cromwell Place, London.

Arndt Art Agency presents two solo presentations by leading Australian contemporary artists, Ben Quilty and Patricia Piccinini.

SYNC Australia

Sync Australia – Online is a new intensive modular leadership and coaching programme exploring Deaf and disabled leadership.


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