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Abstract rectangular painting

Ghost Tunes – In the beginning

Landscape 1.

It is so great to get Ghost Tunes started.

Alasdair Campbell, Counterflows, September 21

A picture of female artist Patricia Piccinini with her artwork Kindred

The Uncomfortable and Confronting World of Patricia Piccinini

Not only does the Melbourne-based artist create a tantalising intensity within her work, she also gently stimulates ethically-charged debate and critical thought. T Magazine, 17 Sep 21.

Sir Lloyd Dorfman CBE and David Gonski AC on how the UK/Australia Season will forge stronger ties between the two nations

The UK and Australia may be 10,000 miles apart, but our relationship is strong, and indeed becoming closer. 

Vision Statement from UK/Australia Season Directors

The fact that the UK/Australia Season even exists at this moment is extraordinary. Yet here we are, emerging from opposite sides of the globe to share experiences, to collaborate, to re-imagine.

I See You

The largest ever cultural exchange between Australia and the UK asks some uncomfortable questions about national identity. Who are we, Australia, in relation to the United Kingdom? Who is the United Kingdom with regard to us? Our relationship used to be convivial enough. But we’ve changed.

Review, The Weekend Australia – 21 Aug 21

Biennale of Sydney & Cicada Innovations Launch Sustainable Materials Challenge

Australian tech incubator Cicada Innovations and Biennale of Sydney are launching the ‘New & Sustainable Materials Challenge,’ in an effort to create a more sustainable future.
B&T – 22 July, 2021.

UK and Australia to collaborate on cultural exchange season

Arts programme Who We Are Now will take place in both countries and aims to revise old assumptions. 
The Guardian – 25 June 2021.

David Gonski gathers patrons for UK-Australia arts season

First came the free trade deal between Britain and Australia, now comes the biggest ever organised cultural exchange between the countries.
Australian Financial Review 24 June 2021.

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