UK/AU Digital Season

Date Monthly releases on the first Tuesday of each month from Oct 21 - Mar 22

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Across six months, Sydney Opera House and the British Council present a season of new digital performance works by artists and organisations from across the UK, exploring the question ‘Who Are We Now?’.  Tackling themes of identity and community, the UK/AU Digital Season provides a unique insight into the ways in which UK artists are responding to unprecedented global challenges.

Running concurrently with the British Council UK/Australia Season, the season will feature new works from diverse voices, across a range of artforms and formats, with a mix of free programming and pay-per-view access. Produced by Sydney Opera House Presents.

About Sydney Opera House Digital Program

Since its inception nearly a decade ago, the Sydney Opera House Digital Program has engaged tens of millions of people around the world through livestreams, performance films, podcast series, short films and original digital commissions

Delivering the unmissable work of Sydney Opera House to the laptops, living rooms and mobile phones of audiences everywhere, the digital program delivers high-quality streams and recordings direct from the stage, along with new digital presentations that extend and complement the Opera House’s Artistic Strategy.

Core to Digital Programming is the delivery of Digital Creative Learning to schools and educators around the country, offering free programs of livestreams, interactive workshops, author talks and original content.


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